A3M cooperates with IDM

Tübingen, September 11, 2018 - Telecommunications partnership: The Tübingen-based company A3M, the expert in crisis warnings, is expanding its existing services with IDM (interactive digital media GmbH), the operator of a global communications platform. The cooperation includes additional communication functions, including an reply function. As before, customers will receive text messages on various occasions, but in future they will be able to obtain detailed information about events such as political unrest, strikes or natural disasters through a telephone number. In addition, the tour operator receives a confirmation that the customer has been informed about such events. The cooperation between A3M and IDM not only creates an even faster and more reliable early-warning system, it also helps tour operators and SMEs to fulfill their duty of care and to internally document and process various events.

"Whether it's a hurricane, airport strikes or terrorist attacks: It is of tremendous importance for tour operators and SMEs to provide their guests and employees with important information in a timely manner. IDM supports our Early alert system "Global Monitoring" on all communication related topics, "said Tom Dillon, CEO of A3M, adding," We specifically chose the SMS and/or the call because travelers do not need an Internet connection and we reach every mobile phone. For all other news our customers have access to all common communication channels. "

"Our omnichannel communication platform ensures that travelers worldwide are reached via SMS and/or calls at any given time while offering a unique response option. This way our software and communications solutions compliment each other perfectly, "says Thomas Zeitner, Director Business Development at IDM.

A3M has years of expertise and, for example, provides all major tour operators with alerts about risks worldwide. Customers include TUI, Thomas Cook, Dertour and FTI. Large and mid-sized companies also use the informations to warn their employees when they travel worldwide and in case there is a security risk in their geographic region.

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