Anti Fraud Lookup - Artificially Inflated Traffic

Anti Fraud Lookup Services

Artifically Inflated Traffic or AIT.

This is the new buzzword in the A2P and mobile industry!

Wether you are an OTT, an Aggregator or a Mobile Network Operator, you have most likely been affected by this already.

Utilizing numerous data sources and combing proprietary BI and AI processes and modules, IDM has build a business intelligence information system over the last years, which enables us to provide you with number intelligence data, serving one purpose only:

Detect, fight and reduce artificially inflated traffic.

Our proprietary soutions, offers you an indicator for:

  • Is the destination number is a "real phone"
  • Is the number potentially part of artificial traffic
  • Is the number potentially a virtual SIM and/or Long Number

This Information provides Safety in Mind that a verification Pin or other critical Message is actually send to a phyisical person, opposed to a automated system.

The technicalities / performance data is as follows:

  • Default throughput of 10 Tps (which can be increased, upon request)
  • Average Latency of less than 1 second

We have specifically designed this product with OTT (over the Top) and OTP (One Time Password) Players in mind. This lets you integrate the service in a way that it doesnt affect any live traffic. In short terms:

The basic product logic is build with the following requirement in mind:

  • May have "false positive" (meaning it may NOT indicate an artifical number as such)
  • Will NOT have "false negative" (meaning that a real number is NEVER detected as an artificial number).
  • Available in the majority of the world
  • Please touch base if you have any specific regions and/ or requirements

Depending on the volume of queries, we can offer you tiered pricing. Our Service is available, via Rest API access (with IP whitelisting).

Talk to your customer service representative today!